Strategies and processes to reduce and remove carbon emissions. 

We help you move towards a low carbon economy by methodically measuring, tracking and addressing an organisation’s carbon emissions. 

Also we identify opportunities for reduction that will advance your sustainability and carbon management goals.


  • Carbon emissions inventory
  • Carbon footprint assessments
  • GHG accounting, in compliance with reporting standards such as ISO 14064 or GHG Protocol
  • GHG emissions reduction strategies
  • Carbon offset recommendations
  • Carbon accounting
  • Sustainability technology adoption

Sustainable development &
long-term value creation

  1. Define scope and objectives: understand your company’s sustainability goals and target certifications.
  2. Conduct a materiality assessment: Identify and prioritise the sustainability issues that are most significant to your company and stakeholders.
  3. Establish baseline data – the organisation’s current sustainability performance.
  1. Set purpose, goals and targets that align with your sustainability objectives.
  2. Develop strategy and initiatives.
  3. Establish key performance indicators (KPIs) to track progress towards your goals.
  1. Create an implementation plan to embed your strategies and initiatives. Assign responsibilities, allocate resources, and establish timelines.
  1. Develop a reporting framework that aligns with recognised reporting standards and guidelines.
  2. Measure, monitor and review.
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