Our sustainability consultants offer proven strategies to organisations across Asia

Global Green Connect is a consulting partner to forward-thinking leaders in Asia.

We are passionate about helping companies embed sustainability at the heart of their business in a way that supports long-term success.

Your pathway to sustainability success

Our approach involves a strong focus on stakeholder engagement, goal setting, roadmap development, and monitoring and reporting. 

We reveal how your company can apply corporate sustainability as a transformation tool that achieves your sustainability goals and targets. 

Outcomes include greater stakeholder trust and measurably improved sustainability performance.

Sustainable development &
long-term value creation

  1. Define scope and objectives: understand your company’s sustainability goals and target certifications.
  2. Conduct a materiality assessment: Identify and prioritise the sustainability issues that are most significant to your company and stakeholders.
  3. Establish baseline data – the organisation’s current sustainability performance.
  1. Set purpose, goals and targets that align with your sustainability objectives.
  2. Develop strategy and initiatives.
  3. Establish key performance indicators (KPIs) to track progress towards your goals.
  1. Create an implementation plan to embed your strategies and initiatives. Assign responsibilities, allocate resources, and establish timelines.
  1. Develop a reporting framework that aligns with recognised reporting standards and guidelines.
  2. Measure, monitor and review.
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Take your first step towards sustainable value creation


Your sustainability journey starts here

Our sustainability practice areas address the most significant ESG challenges for organisations across Asia.

GGC expertise in these areas has brought real value to many businesses. Together we’ll design an action plan to help you achieve your objectives.

Our sustainability consulting addresses nine key business offerings

Carbon & GHG management

Accurately measure and track your carbon emissions and identify opportunities for reduction, supporting your sustainability and carbon management goals.

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Chief Sustainability Officer as-a-service

Get access to experienced sustainability leaders and expertise without the need for a full-time, in-house Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO).

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Circular economy integration

Transit towards a circular economy by reducing waste, promoting resource efficiency and fostering sustainable product life cycles.

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ESG reporting & assurance

Disclose ESG information transparently, meet regulatory requirements and enhance reputation.

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Life cycle assessment

How to apply ISO 14067 standards and ISO 14025 standards to analyse products or services for environmental impact and environmental performance.

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Responsible marketing & communications

Create and market products and services that meet consumers’ growing demand for sustainability.

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Supply chain sustainability

Enhance the sustainability of your supply chain, address environmental and social risks, and improve efficiency and resilience.

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Sustainability strategy & roadmap

Create a clear and comprehensive sustainability strategy, with goals and action plans that align with your business objectives and stakeholder interests.

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Sustainable finance

Navigate the evolving landscape of sustainable finance and investment to achieve your sustainability goals while creating value for stakeholders.

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