Scope 3 emissions refer to indirect emissions from CDL’s value chain and addressing these emissions is crucial for CDL to meet its comprehensive sustainability goals. With 70% funding support from Enterprise Singapore and DBS bank to finance the remaining 30%, CDL has launched this groundbreaking programme to support 100 of its selected SME suppliers to embark on their decarbonisation journey through enhancing their ability in carbon accounting and reporting. SMEs with strong ESG commitments and transparent data will have the opportunity to become preferred suppliers not only to CDL but also to other companies.

However, collecting data on Scope 3 emissions is complex and challenging due to its intricacy and lack of direct control. Innovative strategies are necessary to navigate these difficulties and obtain reliable data for precise emission calculations.

As the sustainability consultant supporting CDL, GGC is at the forefront assisting participating SMEs on their journey. Our goal is not only to reduce carbon emissions but also to help SMEs establish a sustainable and resilient supply chain for long-term success.

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Programme that creates value for participating SMEs.

This proprietary system guides your organisation through key steps, helping you develop decarbonisation roadmap, guide your organisation toward achieveing your sustainability goals, educate and train your employees on ESG metrics and digitalisation, and provides you with a sophisticated digital platform to collect, analyse, and report on sustainability data year-on-year.


Proprietary Programme that creates value as the company progresses on its sustainability journey.

Guides the organisation toward achieving its sustainability goals:

  • Strategic Purposeful Intent
  • Sharp Focus with defined goals and targets
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Employee Engagement and Corporate Culture
  • Value Chain Collaboration
  • Training

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Embarking on a sustainability journey benefits organisations by driving revenue growth and minimising profit risks through strategic management of key initiatives and resources. Successful execution is crucial for securing a robust financial position and ensuring sustained profitability.

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Value Creation. Purpose Driven. For CDL’s Supply Chain

  • Supplier GHG Inventory
  • Supplier GHG Accounting Report (Inline with ISO 14064 / GHG Protocol)
  • Findings and Recommendations Report

Supplier Decarbonisation Roadmap

  • Decarbonisation Purpose and Goals
  • Scenario Planning
  • Priority actions and resource requirements
  • SME Service GHG Emissions Calculator (ISO 14067)
  • GHG Accounting Reporting Framework
  • Data Collection Template
  • Report templates:
    • At entity level
    • At product / service level

Overall, our approach involves a strong focus on stakeholder engagement, goal setting, roadmap development, reporting and monitoring.

By following this approach, we have been able to help companies develop corporate sustainability strategy as a transformation tool to achieve their sustainability goals and targets while also building stakeholder trust and improving their sustainability performance.


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