Kickstart, pivot or advance your career in sustainability with our affiliated partner programmes featuring professional certificates from top universities and insights from industry leaders.

As the demand for sustainability expertise in business grows—with green job postings up by 40%—staying informed and skilled in sustainability is crucial for your career longevity. Dive into current trends, risks, opportunities, and foundational concepts through our comprehensive programmes.

Industry 4.0 and Sustainable Manufacturing: Technologies and Best Practices

Learn Industry 4.0 and sustainability in SMART manufacturing with our 2-day course. Master SMART applications, Industry 4.0 drivers, and Singapore’s SIRI transformation. Understand digitisation strategies and sustainability's business value.

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Leading Successful Transformation for Sustainability

Explore effective strategies for managing organisational change and sustainability in our intensive two-day programme. Learn to foster adaptation, empower stakeholders, and achieve transformative goals, preparing you to lead successful change initiatives.

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Applied Robotics Process Automation (RPA) for Sustainability

Explore RPA's impact on productivity and customer experiences in our 2-day course. Gain skills to automate tasks, boost engagement, and enhance performance while exploring its applications in SMART manufacturing and sustainability through hands-on industry use-cases.

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Design for Sustainable Products and Services

Explore Design Thinking in planet-centric design over 3 dynamic days. Learn through real-life case studies and hands-on exercises to develop empathy, innovate ideas, and create high-level concepts for new products or services.

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Lean and Green Business Models: Delivering Sustainable Quality in the Business World

Discover the synergy of Lean and Sustainability/Green thinking in business with our 3-day course. Blend methodologies to optimize workflows, reduce waste, and enhance environmental impact. Gain insights into stakeholder engagement and creating socially responsible products and processes.

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