The focus of this course is to develop foundational knowledge in climate change and decarbonisation. Plus develop function-specific skills to support sustainability initiative success.

Participants will understand and implement effective strategies for carbon management and ESG reporting, contributing to the goal of achieving net-zero emission.

It includes a GRI Professional Certification Programme which is issued directly by GRI, the world’s leading standard setter for sustainability disclosure.

Globally recognised professional certification

The GRI Professional Certification Program offers globally applicable and recognised professional development for individuals operating in the sustainability field. Participants can expect enhanced knowledge, expertise and skills required to apply the GRI Standards and improve the quality of sustainability reporting.

Successful completion of the course is recognised with dual certification:

1. Continuing Education and Training Certificate by NTU
2. GRI Certified Sustainability Professional

Programme details

Date | Time

March 2024 | 09:00–13:00 hrs


33 hours over 4 weeks


Combination of physical classes and online

Funding available


Key takeaways

Understand the concept of carbon management and its significance in addressing climate change

Learn how to conduct a comprehensive GHG inventory for the business

Comprehend the concept of carbon offsetting and its integration into carbon management plans

Identify challenges and best practices in setting and pursuing ambitious carbon reduction goals

Know how the ESG factors integrate in reporting and disclosure standards, how they impact ESG performance and provide ethical decision-making in corporate governance

Explore real-world success stories of companies effectively integrating ESG principles

Know the benefits of sustainability reporting and presents the main concepts of the GRI Standards 2021 such as the reporting principles, stakeholder engagement, impact, and material topics

Improve the quality of your sustainability reporting

Become a GRI Certified Sustainability Professional

Who should attend?

This programme is for you if you are:

  • New and existing reporting practitioners as well as sustainability professionals who assist them
  • Other users of GRI Standards, such as students, academics, data users, or policymakers who want to understand and gain practical knowledge on how to report on human rights using GRI Standards
  • Sustainability professionals who want to get a better understanding of how UN Sustainable Goals can be integrated into ESG reporting practices
  • Anyone who wishes to know more about carbon management, ESG reporting, and how the GRI Standards can help businesses increase transparency and better communicate their sustainability impact
  • All individuals who have signed up for the GRI Professional Certification program and who wish to qualify as a GRI Certified Sustainability Professional

Programme built by practitioners for practitioners

This course is designed and created jointly by industry experts and experienced practitioners.

It is industry-approved by the best thinking in ESG and corporate governance to equip professionals with the right skills to take advantage of career opportunities in the green sector, particularly in the built environment and related industries for long-term success.

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