Data is key to managing ESG within an organisation. For an organisation to execute an effective ESG strategy, it must include an effective data management strategy.

Corporate sustainability disclosures represent one of the largest sources of ESG data globally. There is a great scope to harness technology to enhance such disclosures and comparability of data to support financing decisions in a company.

Technology is an important way to make sure that this data is reported quickly, correctly, and efficiently in a world where the disclosure landscape is changing rapidly.

Programme details

Date | Time

Oct 2023, Sat | 09:00–13:00


4 hours



Funding available

SGTech Star Fund

Key takeaways

Understand different ESG reporting frameworks and learn how to select suitable reporting frameworks for your company

Learn what ESG data to collect and how to collect data efficiently

Learn how to use ESG Tech platform to generate an ESG report

Understand the value of ESG reporting to enhance business operations and competitiveness

Practise how to create a digital ESG Report using software tooling

Who should attend?

This programme is for you if you are:

  • ESG report managers / finance accounting compliance managers
  • Head/managers of sustainability / key departments
  • SMEs in the field of technology and digital infrastructure
  • Individuals interested in understanding global warming and climate change risk implications and opportunities to enhance company’s long-term value

Programme built by practitioners for practitioners

This course is designed and created jointly by industry experts and experienced practitioners.

It is industry-approved by the best thinking in ESG and corporate governance to equip SME leaders with the right skills to take advantage of opportunities in the green sector.

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