Professor Poon Ka-Yeung Larry to join Global Green Connect Group as Honorary Group Chairman/ Secretary Wong Kam Sing to deliver the keynote speech at GGEF Youth Forum/ Polar Explorer Barney Swan to join GGEF as Climate Ambassador Singapore, 23rd April 2019 – Professor Poon Ka-Yeung Larry, a seasoned educator, business strategist, radio host and philanthropist from Hong Kong is joining the Global Green Connect Group as its Honorary Group Chairman to help to forge

UN Global Compact Network Singapore signs MOU with Global Green Connect at GGEF annual event Singapore, 3rd November 2017 – The 5th annual GGEF (Global Green Economic Forum) kicked-off today with opening remarks from the Minister for the Environment and Water Resources, Masagos Zulkifi bin Masagos Mohamed. Held under the title ‘Belt and Road Initiative – The New Asian Model of Sustainability,’ the conference brought together decision-makers, business leaders and

The need for new and upgraded infrastructure across developing-Asia and the Pacific is expected to exceed $22.6 trillion through 2030, or around $1.5 trillion a year, if the region is going to maintain its growth momentum — figures which only increase to over $26 trillion, or $1.7 trillion a year, when climate change mitigation and adaptation costs are included. A new report published this week by the Asian Development Bank, Meeting

More companies are using sustainable thinking to get a competitive edge. Here’s what 5 MNCs – Rolls-Royce, Royal DSM, Panasonic, BASF and Henkel – are doing to become more responsible this year. Think of sustainability and most people think of tree-planting and recycling. But multinational companies that have incorporated resource-light, ethical practices into their operations will attest that the S-word means more than a token corporate social responsibility gesture. For a number of international giants, sustainability is

China declared a “war on pollution” in 2014 amid concern its heavy industrial past was tarnishing its global reputation and holding back its future development. But it has struggled to reverse the damage done by decades of breakneck economic growth, much of it based on the coal-burning power sector. The past year witnessed unexpected and destabilising political events that implicated international relations and climate action. As we usher in the new year,

Investors today are thinking “green” – as in the colour of money – and channelling their funds towards sustainable investments. WRI’s David Richardson explains why top investors are interested in companies that deal with sustainability. Washington watchers who see a gloomy future for environmental issues may be missing something Wall Street already sees: an $8.7 trillion boom in sustainable investments. One of every five dollars invested in the US today targets

Though big on policy, enforcement has always been an issue for China in fighting smog in its capital. Enter the pollution police. Beijing will launch an environmental police force to tackle air pollution, the city’s mayor announced on Monday. Though the Chinese capital’s smog problem is hardly news, the city has suffered from particularly bad air lately. At the start of the year, Beijing was one of 21 Chinese cities to

Developing nations are driving innovation in green finance. But they need to build strong cross-sector partnerships to make it work, experts concluded at a recent event in Singapore. Developing countries are the unlikely drivers of green finance innovation and they are also leading the way in the use of fintech such as mobile payments. But collaboration is key to making green finance work at scale, said panellists at the Singapore, Green Finance and the Collaborative