Who is GGC? – Christina Lee

Join us on our inaugural episodes of GGC Insights where we talk with industry experts in sustainability. Today our guest is Christina Lee, CEO and Founder of Global Green Connect. The journey in sustainability started a decade ago as she pioneered the space when ESG was not even a term.

What is Climate Force? – Barney Swan

Join us as we converse with the CEO of Climate Force. Barney is a passionate force to be reckoned with. His focus is building awareness about sustainability as well as conservation where he plants trees so that we may have a better future.

Rebuilding a Financial System – John Vong

In “Rebuilding a Financial System with John Vong,” join GGC Insights as we delve into the visionary insights of John Vong, a leading expert in sustainable finance. Explore the challenges and opportunities in reconstructing a resilient financial system, navigating economic uncertainties, and fostering innovation. Gain invaluable perspectives on shaping a robust financial future.


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