Winning technologies will be showcased online on the 3iPET platform for free, and will be prioritized in off-line promotions among a collaborative network of hubs in China and overseas, in technology matchmaking and exchange activities organized by 3iPET, as well as in funding.

  • Background

International Intelligent Integrated

China’s endeavors in ecological and environmental protection have evolved to focus on improving the quality and impact of projects. With the support of Ministry of Environmental Protection and in an attempt to carry out integration, evaluation, matchmaking and promotion of technologies, the Foreign Economic Cooperation Office (FECO) under Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) has launched the Integrated, Intelligent and International Platform for Environmental Technologies (hereinafter referred to as the “3iPET” with details available at the tenet of “promoting environment improvement through technological innovation”, the 3iPET sets out to solicit “Top 100 Environmental Protection Technologies” for the third time. In the past two years, this activity attracted more than one thousand environmental technologies from home and abroad, with a goal to identify the best technologies that demonstrate strong potential for continuous improvement. 3iPET selected more than sixty advanced and practical environmental protection technologies from around the world through an extensive screening procedure involving independent experts in relevant industries. Through a series of matchmaking and promotional activities, 3iPET has facilitated many of the selected top 100 technologies to be applied across China. Therefore, dozens of technological breakthroughs in the fields of wastewater treatment, VOCs treatment, river dredging and soil remediation have played a positive role in improving local environmental treatment.


  • The third 3iPET solicitation for top 100 environmental protection technologies

MEP’s FECO and Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences will jointly hold the third “3iPET Solicitation of Top 100 Environmental Protection Technologies” this year. The solicitation is open to proven technologies in air, water and soil (including solid waste) pollution prevention/control around the world and will organize industry experts to review and evaluate in a holistic manner based on the progressiveness, practicability, economical efficiency, and sophistication of a given technology, along with the service capability of enterprise. Note that the following technologies will enter directly into the second round of expert review:technologies that are listed in the prioritized environmental protection technology catalogue issued by Ministry of Environmental Protection, National Development and Reform Commission and Ministry of Science and Technology;technologies receiving Environmental Protection Science and Technology Award of China; technologies regarded as prioritized national practical technologies and demonstration projects in environmental protection; and technologies that are recommended by China’s national industry associations.

Competition Period: September 7 to December 31, 2017

Contacts: FEI Weiliang & WANG Shutang Tel: 010-8226-8791 or 10-8226-8778 Fax: 010-8220-0586



  • Companies submitting the application shall meet the following conditions

>> Technologies submitted for consideration shall meet the following conditions

1. Conforming to China’s environmental policies and technical policies

2. With clear ownership of intellectual property or proprietary technical right

3. With mature process, advanced technicality and economical costing

4. Three examples of large-scale implementation

5. Strong technical adaptability for extensive promotion and application

6. Mature technical processing, process unit or equipment/material/agent

7. The company submitting the application shall be the right holder of the relevant technology. In other words, the entity submitting the application should be the grantee shown in the patent certificate or the appraisal certificate.

8. The applicant should also demonstrate its corresponding capacities in research, development, design, production and promotion of the relevant technology.


>> Required Application Materials

1.Application Form of 3iPET Solicitation of Top 100 Environmental Protection Technologies (Annex 2);

2.Technical Report of the technology applying for the Solicitation (see Annex 3 for a drafting template);

3.Exemplary Case of the engineering application (see Annex 4 for a drafting template);

4.Project Acceptance Report of the above exemplary case, the corresponding Monitoring Report during acceptance, or a Performance Test/Evaluation Report issued by a qualified third party;

5.Company Information Form (Annex 5);

6.Miscellaneous: photocopies of the business license, patent certificates, award certificates (or corresponding technical appraisal, technical assessment, or technical endorsement), qualification certificates, etc.


  • Review Process

  • Scope of Solicitation

  • Annex download & Method of submission

>> Download


>> Method of Submission

The right holder of the technology shall fill out the “Application Form of 3iPET Top 100 Solicitation of Environmental Protection Technologies” and the “Company Information Form” as required in the “Application Materials” and compile the Technical Report and Examplary Cases. The full set of application materials will include 4 hard copies, each bound into a book, and one electronic copy saved on to a CD, with all required materials in Word documents only and compressed into one single zip file using the following naming convention: “field of technology + name of the technology + name of the institution applying for the Award.” All submissions should be delivered in person or sent by courier or postal express service to arrive MEP FECO by 5pm on December 31,2017.

Mailing Address

Room 616, No. 5, Houyingfang Hutong, Xicheng District, Beijing, P.R. China Post Code 100035
(Address in Chinese: 北京西城区后英房胡同 5 号 616 室,邮编 100035)


For more details, please visit the official website here.

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